Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are involved?

  • First, we meet you in person or by phone to discuss what you want in your VideoBiography™. We explain how a VideoBiography™ is made and the associated costs.
  • There is no charge for this initial meeting.
  • Next we set a date, time, and place for interviews and scanning photos. Interviews can be held anywhere.

How much does it cost?

  • Cost is customized to the service requested, travel costs, etc. Please contact us to discuss this at or call (612) 871-5610.

Is there an additional fee for research?

  • No. Basic photo and factual research are included in the production of your story. Every Life is a Story is unique in how we interview and research your story. Any research that will "fill out" your story, is included in our price."

What will you need from me?

  • We ask that you locate family photos & slides, journals, and family mementos, and complete a short “family history.”
  • Let your family know you are making the VideoBiography™. If you want us to interview certain people, contact them and explain your project.

Can you use our old family slides and 8 mm movies?

  • Yes! Old family films are often the star of a VideoBiography™.

Will you travel to videotape an interview or for research?

  • We will shoot anywhere at any time. Our equipment is portable and compact. We can record in your living room, outside garden, corporate office, or in our studio. Our crews have traveled extensively. Please email or call to discuss travel requirements.

Can you just record an interview?

  • Absolutely. Our clients often want a simple document of a person talking - recalling memories - telling a unique story in a personal way. Transferred to DVD or VHS, an interview stands alone as a keepsake.

How long does it take to make a video biography?

  • Because of people's busy schedules, interviews often take time to arrange. Our clients usually need some weeks to find and review old family films and photos. A VideoBiography™ usually takes 2-3 months to produce. However, if people are easily available for interviews, production time can sometimes be shortened. If your deadline is tight, there may be an additional rush fee.

Where can I find more information?

  • Every Life Is a Story has been featured in several publications, which can be viewed in our Media section.

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